Grand Ballroom: Seats 225-250
The Grand Ballroom of the Masonic Temple is a magnificent ballroom, reminiscent of the resplendence of a bygone era.  With its high intricately ornate ceiling, and pillared walls, the Grand Ballroom’s splendor will take your guest's breath away.  The Grand Ballroom has a large stage that is perfect for a head table, band/DJ or awards ceremony.


Camelot Room: Seats 275-300

The Camelot Room is a one of a kind venue!  For a truly unique reception or event, experience the Medieval charm the Camelot Room offers.  The architecture is like no other in Erie!  Your guests will be delighted with the ambiance of the stone fireplace, the gracefulness of the stone arches and the stateliness of the stone pillars that adorn the room. Step back into “Once upon a time…”


Lodge Room (Ceremony Only): Seats 250
If you are looking for the convenience of holding your ceremony at the same location as your reception, the ornate Lodge Room at the Masonic Temple is the ideal venue for you!   Located only a few floors up from the Grand Ballroom and Camelot Room, the Lodge Room offers plenty of seating and a majestic atmosphere for your vows.  A balcony overlooking the Lodge Room is perfect for your grand entrance to the Room.  Dressing rooms for the bridal party are also available.

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Masonic Temple
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